Engagement Policy

Unless the law permits the law office to use another practice or procedure in connection with its engagement to represent a particular class of client, or to represent a client in a particular class of matter, no person will be considered a client of the law office of Neil H. Lebowitz until the office issues a letter of engagement or the parties enter into a written retainer agreement. The letter of engagement (or retainer agreement) will address the scope of the legal services to be provided, give an explanation of the fees and expenses to be charged, explain the law office’s billing practices and, where applicable, provide that the client may have a right to arbitrate fee disputes. When there is a significant change in the scope of services or fee to be charged during the representation, an updated letter of engagement will be provided or an amendment to the retainer agreement will be entered into.

For other useful information, please see the Statement of Clients Rights and Statement of Client's Responsibilities web pages on this website.

About Neil Lebowitz

Neil H. Lebowitz, Attorney at Law Neil Lebowitz has been practicing law for over 30 years. His early career took him to California, where he worked for law firms involved in business and commercial litigation and regulatory law.

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