Civil Litigation & Administrative Law

Civil Litigation & Administrative Law

Civil Litigation

The law office of Neil H. Lebowitz provides representation in a variety of civil litigation, arbitration, and meditation matters, including real estate disputes, business, commercial, contract, and intellectual property lawsuits, debt collections, landlord-tenant and eminent domain proceedings, and real property tax certiorari appeals.

Administrative Law

Glens Falls attorney Neil H. Lebowitz provides representation before public agencies at all levels of government, including in rule making proceedings, permit applications, and formal and informal adjudications. Matters in which representation is provided include:

  • Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals proceedings

  • Licensing applications, including liquor licenses

  • Environmental permit applications and enforcement proceedings, including oil and petroleum product spills

  • Real estate tax assessment appeals

  • Copyright and trademark registrations and trademark oppositions

About Neil Lebowitz

Neil H. Lebowitz, Attorney at Law Neil Lebowitz has been practicing law for over 30 years. His early career took him to California, where he worked for law firms involved in business and commercial litigation and regulatory law.

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