Glens Falls Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Purchases and Sales

The law office of Neil H. Lebowitz represents buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. Services provided include:

  • Negotiation of real estate purchase and sale contracts, option agreements, and rights of first refusal

  • Due diligence review of the seller’s title, the title insurance commitment, zoning, and any survey

  • Environmental conditions due diligence review

  • Closing on title, financing, and title insurance

Real Estate Law & Mortgage Financing

Glens Falls lawyer Neil H. Lebowitz prepares real estate mortgages and other loan documentation for clients who provide financing to real estate buyers or who desire to secure a debtor’s obligation by obtaining a mortgage lien on real estate owned by the debtor or a third party.

Real Estate Leases

Lebowitz represents commercial and residential landlords and commercial tenants in the preparation and negotiation of real estate leases. He has successfully assisted clients in the negotiation of long-term ground leases, retail shopping center leases, warehousing rental agreements, office building space leases, and “model” apartment leases. The law office also represents clients in disputes arising out of the breach of a lease, including eviction proceedings.

Easements, Licences & Property Agreements Attorney

Neil Lebowitz provides representation to real estate owners and users in the negotiation of easements and rights of way, licenses, restrictive covenants, and other agreements between property owners. He also represents property owners, mining companies, and timber harvesters in the negotiation of timber cutting and sand and gravel mining contracts. Finally, Lebowitz can assist a real estate owner or other party resolve a dispute arising out of the scope of an easement or license, the location of a common property line, a trespass or the payment of a mining royalty.

Land Use & Zoning Law

In connection with land use and real estate development activities, Glens Falls attorney Neil Lebowitz provides representation to property owners, developers, and adversely impacted parties in proceedings before planning boards, zoning boards of appeal, municipal legislative bodies, and other governmental agencies for subdivision approvals, site plan review, storm water management practices, area and use variances, rezonings, and building permits.

Environmental Law

Lebowitz represents clients involved in the registration and removal of liquid underground storage tanks, or who are under obligation to cleanup a petroleum spill, or who are potentially responsible parties in a lawsuit involving an oil spill. He also provides advice and assistance to property owners carrying out asbestos abatement projects, including the negotiation of asbestos abatement and demolition contracts.

About Neil Lebowitz

Neil H. Lebowitz, Attorney at Law Neil Lebowitz has been practicing law for over 30 years. His early career took him to California, where he worked for law firms involved in business and commercial litigation and regulatory law.

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